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Four comedians walked into a bar.....

Review by: David Bithell

Photo credits: Miles Brain/PVFC

We went along to the Plane Comedy event at Port Vale Football Club thanks to the invite from Dan Townley (who is part of the media team at the football club). It was a very well organised evening. The show started at around 8pm, and the last act hung up the mic at around 10:30pm. There was time to grab a drink and nip to the loo in between each act.

The compere/host for the evening was Colin Manford. That’s right, you might recognise the surname, and you would be right to assume, as Colin is the younger brother of Jason. Colin in his own right is an accomplished writer, actor and presenter who gives his own unique perspective on all areas of life. From failed relationships to his weird and wonderful family life, you immediately warm to him and he was the perfect host and compere for the evening.

First up was Dave Twentyman. It is never easy going first, but immediately Dave captivated the audience. His act mainly centred around a medical procedure he had done earlier in the day, with funny anecdotes. Very quick witted and with living close to the venue, managed to cram in humour centred around local places of interest, this always warms you to the crowd instantly. A very funny comedian and one to look out for if you want a fun night.

Next up was Dawn Bailey. Dawn immediately drew you in. Humouring us with stories of love and life experiences. Her straight to the point humour had us in stitches with a punchy no holds barred delivery throughout. Gave us pin sharp anecdotes from managing life, a career and a few underwear malfunctions. Dawn was a very funny lady and was the perfect warm up act for the main event.

Finishing the fantastic night off was Steve Royle. Steve is an actor, writer, comedian and a superb juggler. Finishing 3rd in Series 14 of Britains Got Talent in 2020, he has been performing over 30 years, this showed from the first minute. Hailing from the northwest, you can tell he has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Steve Coogan, Dave Spikey, Paddy McGuiness and of course Peter Kay to name but a few. His timing and delivery is on point. His set absolutely killed it, reduced me to tears of joy with an hilarious energetic performance. A perfect way to end such a fabulous night.

Plane Comedy will be returning on July 28th with a few warm up acts that will be gracing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023. This is not to be missed.

For future events, keep an eye out on Port Vale’s social media accounts:

Twitter: @OfficialPVFC

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