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From screen to stage, this production literally is the queen of the night

The Bodyguard - The musical

Directed by Thea Sharrock

Set and costume design by Tim Hatley

Review by David Bithell

Having seen the film I kind of knew what to expect with the characters and plot, but the adaptation surprised me how impressive the creativeness of it all really was.

Melody Thornton as Rachel Marren. Photo credit: Paul Coltas

From the moment the show starts, you are gripped, living the movie right in front of your eyes.

Of course it is rammed full of Whitney’s hits that we have all come accustomed to and songs that were also hits following the success of the movie.

During this performance the lead was played by Samantha Mbolekwa, as Melody Thornton had other commitments, Melody is taking up the role of Rachel Marren from Tuesday. If we witnessed the understudy, then you are in for a real treat with the main actor. Samantha was amazing, her vocals were truly close to the star herself. You kind of worry that because Whitney was flawless, people attempting to sing her songs will never be as good, but Samantha was fantastic and her solo performances gripped you throughout.

Ayden Callaghan as Frank Farmer/John Macaulay as Bill Devaney. Photo Credit: John Coltas

At the start of the play, you are treated to a full-on concert experience, including pyrotechnics and movable raised platforms. The lighting however throughout could’ve been a bit better, with some scenes not capturing the actors’ faces and movement.

Slow motion lighting and cinematography imagery was used for the high-drama scenes involving Frank, Rachel and her stalker, which added to the tension. This video projection made us think we were actually watching a movie alongside the production itself. These segments were my favourite parts of the play.

Overall, the onstage chemistry between the various actors was there to see. I particularly loved the part of Fletcher played by Kaylenn Aires Fonseca, this charming young man is going to go far in the acting and performing arts world.

Ayden Callaghan as Frank Farmer, Kaylenn Aires Fonseca as Fletcher. Photo credit: John Coltas

I would highly recommend this production to friends, it’s a great night out for the ladies and couples alike. Just don’t leave right at the end, you will be entertained a little bit longer.

You will enjoy the karaoke bar scene, where Frank sings “that” song.

The Bodyguard runs until 4th March at The Regent Theatre, Hanley.

For tickets goto or by calling the box office on 0844 871 7649.

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